Monday, April 9, 2007

The Liberal's Prayer

I have long held that idolatry is the primary evil that faces the church-and so the nation. I heard a lady ask John Edwards a question today that she should have asked God. It pertained to what Mr. Edwards was proposing to do as president that would give her a reason for being alive, and make the U.S. a utopia. (I'm serious) This gave me the idea for the Liberal's prayer:

Our Fathers which art in Washington, Honorable be thy names.

Thy judges come, thy will be done in the land, not as it is done in Washington.

Give us this day our daily desires.

And forgive us our trespasses, as you forgive your trespasses against us.

And lead us not into responsibility, but deliver us from any responsibility for the decisions we have made: For thine is the power, and the coffers, and the nanny, forever. Amen.


danny wright said...
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Jon said...

I find it interesting that utopia is Greek for "no place" (ou + topos).

This is what happens when you tell God to take a hike. I don't mean that in a "toe the party line" kind of way. If you throw God out of the public sphere, what else could you be left with besides doing whatever the hell you want, consequences be damned? (Pardon my French.)

Good post as always.

Anonymous said...

Danny, thanks for the comment at my blog. On the subject of MTD, I am going to do a high school Sunday school class on this. Put the points of MTD in front of the group and challenge them to think about what is wrong with them, Biblically speaking. Hopefully will stimulate some examination of what they actually believe.

JenHelp said...

Hi Danny, with regards to your comment on my post "The True Meaning of Easter - Jesus Christ Is Alive..." ... and about the History Makers ... I have no idea who they are ... which church are they from?

By the way which church are you from and which church are the youth from your church visiting in Singapore? I tried to google HM but the results gets me nowhere. Please Update me. Thanks! God Bless!

danny wright said...

As I re-read this post it appears that I am saying that this girl used the word "utopia". This is my word not hers, it only sums up in one word what it seemed to me she expected from a president.

Beth said...

For more information on History Makers International in Singapore, check out their web site at