Thursday, April 12, 2007

Sugarcoating the News

Here is a suggestion that perhaps will make the ingestion of daily news stories a little more palatable. As you read the paper, simply black out the headlines and replaced them with the headline: Survival of the Fittest, or Today in Evolution, or something similar that fits . I think you'll find that the story that follows will have a different feel to it. Try it on for size. Think of the Columbine high school story, Enron, the murders that happened in your city yesterday; they have a different feel under this headline don't you think? Now senseless acts of violence make sense. The lack of outrage is no longer outrageous. Everything comes together and stories suddenly make sense don't they because think about it; we say that we don't want an Intelligent Designer, but what we're really saying is that we don't' want an accounter. But we have to live with the results of not having an accounter which is meaninglessness. I suppose in the end that's why the new headline will work so well; because the story-with such a headline-really becomes meaningless, and that makes us feel all cozy inside in an ignorance is bliss kind of way.

So try this at home and let me know how it goes. There's no charge unless it works, in which case you can make a large donation to my account via pay pal.


risen_soul said...

How true. Naturalism rejects the idea of evil as merely opnion, subjective to society. Who is to say what is wrong when there is no final, objective law giver?

bocephus said...

Yes, kind of like reading the newspaper with rose colored glasses.

Your suggestion reminds me of a few things. The reason we are so outraged is because like C.S. Lewis says we have a God given moral compass, something that makes us humans different from animals. Unfortunately, many choose to ignore what their compass is telling them.

Your comment regarding not wanting an accounter also rings true. I think the reason many choose to disregard the Bible is because it makes them accountable. I know that's why I steered clear for so many years.