Saturday, December 15, 2012

The Fog Of Senselessness

Yesterday's addition to the growing roster of massacres will be viewed just as the previous massacres were: in a vacuum.  It will be as if there were no indicators leading up to it that would have warned us that this sort of thing will be the reality in our brave new world.  It will have just happened.

Sure, those who always see these things as a reason to enact some new law, so it won't happen again, will begin their reflexive demand for more gun controls.  And we will all be sad that twenty innocent children were murdered for no apparent reason.  But in the end it will simply be senselessness.  But that's just it.  Once a a society rejects God, everything becomes senseless.  Everyone will have a vague notion that things have gone horribly wrong, but few, unfortunately, will be able to identify why.

The reality, however, is that these events don't happen in a vacuum.  First, today, like yesterday and the day before, thousands of children will be murdered in this culture, with the blessing of this culture.  The victims's of these murder's only sin will be that they are out of sight, and as such, out of mind.  More senselessness. I have often pondered what the response would be if 4000 children a day were lined up and shot because they were unwanted.  Given the response from yesterday's events, I'd say we'd be sickened; in fact I'd say that we'd risk our very lives to make it stop.  But we don't, and they won't.  They are out of sight.

Second, the very school where this tragedy took place is no different from the previous ones.  They all teach that there is no ultimate and objective good and evil.  They all teach that everyone of us came from nothing, and are the result of nothing, and have a destiny of nothing. Life, we are taught from our earliest years, has no meaning.  The school must teach it.  It is the law.  If there were ultimate laws, you see, that would imply an ultimate law-giver.  And if there is an ultimate lawgiver, there is one to which we will all give an account.  And such as that will simply not do.

Third these schools teach materialism.  They are materialistic because they are designed by secular materialists sent by the populace to do just that.  As such education is worshiped as the sole means to the best materialistic life that can be achieved. It is a high place... an idol. The idea that anything is higher than one's own life or material achievement is wholly alien to the properly trained child.  Gone are any transcendent realities or altruism, or worse yet, any fear of God that would give good reason for one to reign over himself and his passions.

When a society teaches itself that life is ultimately meaningless, then it ought not be surprised when some in its ranks take such teaching to heart.  It is in that heart, understand, where the ultimate problem resides.  Attempt to conform the outside with your millions of laws and regulation all you want, but it will be the heart, darkened or otherwise, that will dictate a man's path.

Given those darkened hearts who exercise their passions and then take their own lives, just how are the attempts to reign them in by legislation to be applied anyway?  They can't be.  They can't be because the problem is not a legal problem but a heart problem.  The problem is the rejection of God.  Having put God away, concepts such as objective truth and sin have receded into the fog of senselessness.  They're no longer seen or noticed.  But they do rear their ugly heads, as from nowhere... out of the fog, and they harass us... like a hand reaching out from the fog, as if to slap us from our drunken stupor.


Susan said...

Good, right on word as always, Danny. There will be MUCH talk about "mental health" and very little about God/Jesus/The Holy Ghost. Thank goodness for Mike Huckabee as he did interject some truth in his comments.

Kathy said...

So good, Danny. Thank you.

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Glenn E. Chatfield said...

Right on the money!

Daniel Parker said...

Well said, well said indeed. I had already touched on the abortion thing in one of my comments as well. You did a better write-up though.