Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Was 9/11 A Prophesy?

I don't know.  I often wonder if events like 9/11 are not prophetic in nature.  But of course I'm not sure.  Perhaps it simply serves as a metaphor.

But with this in mind I find myself intrigued by the thinking that might have occurred in the minds of the passengers who sat docilely by as a few men armed with nothing more than box-cutters killed them.  Perhaps they'd not really paid attention to the new military phenomenon of suicide murderers; a new news item that had become common fare from the other side of the world.  Perhaps they had simply been lured into a false security.  Those sorts of things, after all, happened over there... somewhere... where was it...?  Afghanistan?

However, there was an event that provided a more compelling warning as to what lay in store for America.  Two years earlier on October 31st, 1999, an Egyptian Air Boeing 767 carrying 217 passengers and crew, on a flight from New York to Cairo, inexplicably plummeted into the ocean near Nantucket.  Although the explanation for this crash became political for obvious reasons, the "black box" clearly revealed that it was the result of actions taken by a pilot. Left alone in the cockpit as the Captain excused himself to the lavatory he simply nosed the airliner over and took himself and the 200 other some odd souls on board to their deaths; calmly repeating to himself the words "“Tawakkalt Ala Allah”" (I rely on God) along the way.   Here is the NTSB report.

The idea of a Muslim taking a large airliner full of people to their deaths through a suicide mission was not therefore new at the time of  9/11.  I wonder if this story ever crossed the minds of any of the passengers or crew members on board the flights.  I wonder how many even knew about it.

For sure, a thought that didn't cross the minds of the passengers, but surely filled the minds of the crews, was the training they had received for just such an event. This training had been developed about three decades earlier during the days of "take-me-to-Cooba", and had all but congealed there as high profile hijackings had tapered off.  Apparently, innovation kindled by a Muslim flying his airliner full of people into the ocean simply wasn't part and parcel to the humans in the bowls of the bureaucracy that oversaw such things. The crew had been trained to verbally resist, but ultimately comply with demands if harm was threatened.  It didn't take long, I'm sure, before hijackers were allowed through the flimsy doors of the cockpit and out of the passengers' sight.

There is a common theme that probably weaved its way through every thought those people may have had that I think is worth noting.  It was trust.  They trusted the voices over the P.A. that ensured them if they complied all would be OK.  They trusted that they were simply by-standers in events much larger than themselves.  They trusted the system that had trained the crews and the webbed network of action that was, at that very moment, being thrown into action by the authorities on the ground. While the thought that their captors would kill themselves in the process of killing everyone on board probably never occurred to them, this lack of scope revealed a trust that proved ultimately fatal.  They trusted the image of their own Western worldviews that they had projected onto their captors. In the final analyses one thing is clear, whatever they trusted, they didn't trust themselves.  They didn't trust their own judgments, discernments and abilities to meet the situation.  They were indeed trained to not.  The "authorities" would handle everything.  So they sat idly by, their numbers much larger than their captors, trusting in all they knew, as their captors flew them gently to their deaths.

There was, however, one glimmer that shone forth that day.  Armed with information gained by an illegal cell-phone call placed by Todd Beamer, the trusting, ignorance-induced stupor that had had them sedated, shattered.  Those passengers heroically rose to the occasion.  Though they were not able to save their own lives, they managed to save the lives of those at the intended target.  Their acts gave many hope beyond that day, for they broke ranks, trusted in their own God-given abilities, and acted.  They went down fighting.

So how is this a prophecy or metaphor?  We are now, as a nation, like the passengers on those airliners, comforted by the trust we have in a system that is being mocked and ignored by those who have been charged with protecting and enforcing it.  There is a group at the helm of our nation that is currently hurtling us toward destruction.  Concealed in the "cockpit", so to speak, with their mouthpieces in the media insuring us that we will be OK if we simply trust and comply with their wishes, they guide us ever closer to our fate with ever-increasing speed.

I look at the simple math. No nation can spend a trillion dollars more each year than it takes in, not even America; and not even if it confiscates the wealth of the rich. No nation can do this while pretending that it has an unlimited amount more to borrow and spend.  It really is simple math for anyone willing to have their sedated stupor shattered.  Yet those currently at the helm are doing it.

I look at the morality.  You can't institutionalize sin and expect all to go well.  Those at the helm see themselves as the final arbiters of good and evil and we are trained to trust what they say by their institutions of education.  This will not stand.  It is taking us to our destruction with increasing speed while we trust that somehow everything will turn out OK.  If you think this let me attempt to shatter your stupor.  It won't.  It's not going to be OK. You can trust me on that.  It's simple math and history.

I see a nation being skillfully guided toward its end, and a people sitting docilely by, trusting the images of our past and heritage that are being projected onto reality.  Like the hijack victims, we sit trusting that nothing really bad can happen here... no matter what we do.  Things get fixed.  They just do.  They always have.  It's always been that way.  And it always will be.  We... trust...


Stan said...

Prophecy or metaphor, it's a good thing to consider.

Fredd said...

We as a nation can be fooled once. The sinking of the Maine. Pearl Harbor. 9/11.

We all trust our systems. When they are breached, we beef them up.

9/11 was no prophesy. It was an act of war perpetrated on us by a cowardly enemy using the element of surprise.

The element of surprise only works once.

Dan said...

It's not just about the "attacks" I'm talking about. The question that will be answered this November is "will America sit back and let itself be flown into the ground, trusting in everything we think is true based on our experience up until now, or will it make one last attempt to gain control?". Yes 9/11 was an act of war, but in the events that took place, was there a short story that mimicked or foretold the long story that we are now living out?

christian soldier said...

I too believe we have become like sheep--
and - indeed - the wresting of the ed system by 'progressives' w/ a 'plan' established by John Dewey and his cohorts -at the turn of the last century - was the first step---