Monday, March 5, 2012

The Unseen Holocaust

One sure-fire way of cutting taxes would be to do away with payroll deductions. There's something about writing out a check that makes paying taxes a little more painful, a little more real. Why is that?

In the same way, does anyone really believe that if we daily lined up thousands of infants and then crushed and dismembered them that abortion would be considered a right? If a small country was guilty of this, on a smaller scale of course, what would the response of the world be? If there was a church in that country, and there was a political party that wanted it to continue, and a political party that, for the most part anyway, wanted it to end, would the church in that country have an obligation to point this out by naming names?

OK, like the payroll tax deductions that move taxes from the seen to the unseen, does it make any difference that these babies being crushed and dismembered are out of sight? Does it matter that their cries are not heard?

Apparently so.


Anonymous said...

Good comparison!

Stan said...

I wonder how many other areas would benefit from putting it in our faces? I think the biblical term is "counting the cost".