Friday, December 11, 2009

Finding The Philosophical

I spend quite a bit of time studying the integral workings of what I have come to know as "Worldview". In so doing, I have studied and marveled over the concept of beauty, philosophy, and the deep questions of life.

This has brought about quite a bit of change in my own worldview. I, for example, no longer look at art as beautiful in and of itself, or the artist as simply talented, although I do marvel over anyone's ability to create. I see the beauty as a the very finger print of God himself manifesting itself through one of his creations for all to see. This video is no different. While watching this, I marveled over what God has enabled man to do, in all its simplicity and humor, and what possible message was being conveyed, if any.

With the onset of the death of man in the sixties, which manifested it self, incidentally, as the death of God, Francis Schaeffer said at the time that "philosophers no longer ask the big questions classical philosophy has always asked", and that "the real philosophic expressions have tended to pass over to those who do not occupy the chairs of philosophy-...[such as] the film producer" (1)

This little cartoon may be such an example. While it does matter what the artist intended, I am not saying that my interpretation is the same. I had quite the laugh watching it, and as always, was struck by man's ability to create.

What I saw in this cute little video was man's desire to rid himself and the world of sin (the cat) without Christ. The more he tries, so he can get back to his own personal pursuits, the worse his life becomes until he is faced with nine times the hell in his after life. President Lincoln accused the South of being willing to burn down its barn to get rid of its rats. Current events and this little cartoon remind me of this phrase as I marvel over the follies being undertaken by our current government in its attempts at creating its Utopian paradise by stamping out, at the price of unfathomable debt, the consequences of sin; the result being the destruction of a nation and its economy.

H/T Casting Pearls Before Swine

(1) Escape From Reason, IVP Classics, pg 74


Joe said...

I saw this over at CPBS. I like the song! I had not seen the cartoon from the same point of view as you, but now that you mentiond fits.

Laura said...

Cute. I think you make a great point about sin.
I don't know about you, but I have that song now stuck in my head! :-)

Dan said...

There its fianally gone from my head, the song that is. I must move along quickly before it returns.

ExPatMatt said...

Hey Dan,

Thought I'd stop by your blog after our chats at theoldadam's place.

I am most definitely not going to play that song! Once it's in there - it never gets out...


Anonymous said...

Haha nice i've never seen that video from that point of view but it fits perfectly. sin just keeps coming back especially when you don't want it too. until you can't take it anymore. People really can take there life to get away from sin and i bet the devil loves it when that happens. imagine if sin made a whole group of christian friends split apart, the devil would love it. to the devil, its one less soul to worry about that would be preaching the gospel if they were alive. -mikey from church

Dan said...

Ex Pat

Good to see you over, thanks for stopping by.


and thanks also to you, I am honored.