Monday, November 16, 2009

Rut Think

"I know you believe you think you understand what you think I said ,but I'm not sure you realize that what you think I said is not what I meant" (author unknown)

I have discovered a communication anomaly which I have termed "Rut Think". Rut Think occurs when a person says exactly what he means but what is heard is something totally different. This phenomena usually swirls around words that have been beat to a bloody pulp by popular culture, the news media, or by wild eyed and deranged looking protesters. As such they are filled with perhaps thousands of connotations that render them useless for their original purpose of communicating. Their use will almost certainly put the wheels of the conversations into ruts that are impossible to escape. Realizing this I have begun a personal campaign for myself of thinking outside the rut.

Following are a few things that are said, and their interpretation:

  • I am against Obama's health care reform plans=I am a greedy b^$+@&* and am against poor people getting the health care they so rightly deserve and am perfectly happy with the system as it is currently constituted as a grand scale giant jackpot lawyer's Casino.

  • The Church should not ignore politics = The church should forsake her original commission and become an active arm of the RNC who's purpose is to keep Republicans in power regardless of what they may or may not stand for.

  • Intelligent design should also be taught in our education system = The education system should be turned over to a bunch of fundamentalist anti-science and anti-education back-woods zealots who want to halt all quests for knowledge, and by co-opting education, use it to turn the country into a third world theocracy.

  • We should drill for oil= We should, with reckless abandon, without care for anything except our precious gas for our precious cars, wreck, pollute, destroy, ravage, and strip- mine the entire earth and otherwise turn it over to a bunch of evil rich Bush cronies in big oil so they can get filthy rich and take over the world.


Dan said...

Dan, if you desire to waist your time feel free. Know however that I delete your comments unread. This is the third one I've deleted and the last one I'll mention.

Neil said...

Good discernment by (Good) Dan. Best blogging time saver I've found.

Re. the post -- great examples. I might add: I think it is immoral to kill innocent human beings for 99% of the reasons given (i.e., all those other than to save the life of the mother) = I am a misogynistic control freak who wants to punish women for having sex.

christian soldier said...

I believe in the 'roots' that lead to the greatness of this Republic----
I am an 'isolationist' barbarian with no 'International' cultural underpinnings---and look at the 7-ll stores!!!!

Dan said...


"Good Dan" :-)))), I consider this a trophy which, if I could, would be displayed in a most prominent place. Come to think of it, I just thought of quite the place.

Also, good addition.


I'm afraid that "greatness of this republic" is no longer an acceptable term in culturally elite circles. Funny how so many non-culturally elites are risking life and limb getting to this horrible place.

Anonymous said...


Well said! You can speak for me anytime!

Rut Think is catching on!

Dan said...

BTW Dan, that goes for my email as well, I delete them unread.

Edwin Drood said...

One that just came out:
Sara Palin thinks debate among fellow Republicans is a good thing.

MSNBC translated this to mean Palin has sold out her party for money like Judas.

Dan said...

Sure, that makes perfect sense because democrats are so lock step. The only debate that occurs on their side is over how much can be gotten away with in the incremental destruction of capitalism.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dan,
I came across another one for Rut Think.

"I'm fed up with Obama's inaction with the oil spill" = "I'm pro BP and think everyone should get off their back."

Discovered that one at Mike's America.

Dan said...

I love it Timothy.