Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Racism, Just Another Sin

Newsweek unwittingly stumbles onto a Biblical reality with its recent cover question. To wit, perhaps a more valid question would have been, is your baby sinful? That would have covered the entire gamut of societal ills; but of course it would have also opened a can of worms that the editors of Newsweek would probably just as soon keep hidden away. Better to deal with the sin of others than to admit that the can contains worms that nuzzle at your own breasts.

Nevertheless, the heart of man is the issue; it always has been, and it always will be. It is at the root of sins such as greed, in which it is in vogue to condemn, and at the root of those sins it is no longer popular to condemn at all. Sadly however, the refusal to accept this reality will continue to confound those who's hopes it is to build a racist free society. For one, with racism defined as "a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities..."[Webster], the architects only succeed in accomplishing the opposite of their intentions by laying a foundation based on racism. For a foundation based on the assertion that racism is a problem with only a certain race, as opposed to a sin common to mankind, is indeed a racist foundation.

The reality is however, to end racism in a society, that society must first realize that racism can no more be ended than murder, theft, lying, and adultery. Even though, as with other sins, it can be abated by legislation that applies equally to all, there is nothing like a renewed mind; and a changed heart to bring about true change. But such change does not come from force from without, but emanates from a new heart from within. Unfortunately, God, the architect of real change, has been evicted from modern culture, and with Him a true understanding of the condition of man's heart; and any hopes of racism, as we know it, becoming history. As we now stand, we can expect racism to remain an integral part of America's social fabric for a long time; and this despite the skin colors of those in power; or the best efforts of those intent on eradicating this, their pet sin, even if it kills us.


Laura said...

I think you hit it right on. Sin is the reason for all the worlds problems and if you don't have a Christian worldview you will never get that. All the radicals out there (no matter their cause) think they can eventually bring peace on earth. We know otherwise.

Dan said...

I wrote this today and it occurred to me later that I had written something other than what I had intended in the making of my point. It was in the last paragraph concerning legislation. Although I don't disagree with what was written, just so the reader knows, I made some minor changes that make this post more closely reflect my intended point.


I think it is a tragedy, what is happening today, as radicals channel the sin of racism into an engine of power. The unrealistic expectation of not a trace of racism among whites, and the complete ignoring of equal racism among blacks, will ensure an unending source of hatred to power that engine well into our future, should God not act.

Nancy said...

It is quite puzzling how often we have a thought journey in mind when we begin to write and then at the end....our destination has somehow been detoured...*: ) Not always sure this is an accidental occurrence..

Steve said...

I didn't even realize that I was a racist until the Dems informed me of such.

I always care about the color of someone's skin about as much as I care what size shoes they wear.

I'm interested in what's inside their head, not what shade of whatever they are.

And you are right, there is racism. It is sin.

Sin is the condition that I am in. Racism just doesn't happen to be a problem for me as it seems to be for most of the 'left'.

Stan said...

Eloquently put.

Anonymous said...

You make some good points. But, racism in America is all about economics. It is taught and passed on generally by the parents. The concept of race in America started about 1609 to justify slavery for economic reasons and a system was set in place to give one people an economic advantage over another. There are no Biblical grounds for the concept of race. We are either Jew or Gentile. When we divide people into races, we are accepting an evolutionist, Darwinism approach and ignore the fact that we all came from Adam then Noah. I agree with you that racism is a sin and will not end. But when the Church, who can be just as racist as the world, takes a genuine stand against racism we will see greater improvement in America.

Joe said...

Sin is sin, and racism is certainly sin. So is any and every thought and/or action that is not in the very center of God's will. That leaves us all in the same boat, desperately in need of a Savior, which God has graciously provided in Christ Jesus.

Bryan said...

"...there is nothing like a renewed mind; and a changed heart to bring about true change."


Create in me a clean heart, O God; and renew a right spirit within me. --Psalm 51:10

Dan said...

Sorry It has taken so long to respond. I have been away.


I sense that that was a constructive critique; which is, as you know, something I need. I'm just to weak of mind understand what you are trying to say.


I honestly believe that there is more to the old quip "it takes one to know one" than we give credit.


But when the Church, who can be just as racist as the world, takes a genuine stand against racism we will see greater improvement in America.

I couldn't agree more, as long as "the church" refers to all races under that heading.

Momstheword said...

I was watching a doc. about the gangs in prisons who separate themselves according to "race", such as Black, Hispanic, Native American, etc. Then they fight each other. I had been thinking for some time that racism is part of the sinful nature we were born with. That show reaffirmed my thoughts about that. People who say they never notice what color someone's skin is... are lying. Of course, we notice the skin color, that isn't what matters. What matters is what we do with the information. Do we then judge the person because of the skin color? Great article.

Dan said...

Thanks for stopping by Moms. Good point on: "People who say they never notice what color someone's skin is... are lying. What matters is what we do with the information."