Saturday, August 2, 2008

An Abyss Called Hatred

As president elect Abraham Lincoln made his way to Washington across a nation on the brink of war , he was quoted as saying: "When men wrangle by the mouth with no certainty that they mean the same thing while using the same words, it perhaps would be as well if they would keep silence".

This remains an apropos statement today and is along the same vane as an ealier post about the meaning of the word "racist". Much like the word "racist" I would contend that the word "hate" has also suffered torture. It is worthy of consideration that these two words, being cut from the same cloth, have both had to receive the same morphing to accommodate those who throw them around like rocks in a stoning.

Of course to the person who pays a little bit of attention, it is generally understood that the current meaning of this word is often "disagrees with me" or something like that. So then the words "he is preaching hate" usually means "he is preaching something with which I do not agree". This is more than unfortunate but is also frightening because it relieves self proclaimed victims of social "hatred" of any responsibility of self examination, or more importantly, of holding themselves to the very standards they proclaim. Many, after redefining the word, are guilty of the true meaning of that same word as they wage their war against people that simply disagree with them.

This is particularly frightening because of the ultimate ramifications of justifying true hatred under any circumstances. History is replete with example after example of the results of just such unchecked emotion; 9/11 being only the latest spectacular display. But in less sensational forms, but not less cancerous, it's happening everyday in America's culture wars. I have come to expect such self delusion from the left, what with their displays of vitriolic hatred aimed at president Bush, but I also contend that Bush haters have not cornered the market when it comes to such things either. I would especially caution the Body of Christ on this matter for the day is coming when it will find itself face to face with evil in the form of pure hatred. That will not be the day to begin working on a response.

Hatred is ultimately an abyss that once the self gives permission to enter, that self will find no bottom. In the end true hatred, even if it is directed against more true hatred, can only be quenched in the natural by death. Is it any wonder then that God's Word warns us that "there is a way that seems right to a man, but in the end it leads to death", and even more so Jesus' admonition to love our enemies. History does teach us that he who does not heed these words will in the end, become, the very thing he so hates.


Kristi said...

Hatred schmatred.

Ok, I should be done now. ;)

Nikki said...

great post...hatred and racism have been used as argument intimidators and let me add one more...phobe. If you are against gay marriage you are a homophobe. Using these terms is a form of bullying opinions. If you are against affirmative action you are racist. If you are against illegal immigration you are a hater...the list goes on and on. Nail on head with this one! :)N

danny wright said...


You bring up a good point. It is also hypocritical when those who claim to be the most learned and enlightened among us resort to pre-enlightenment methods such as intimidation and to win the day in their arguments.

Anonymous said...

That was a very truthful, and inciteful article you wrote, keep up the blogging of the TRUTH! Cause the TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE !!!!! Sincerely Wild Bill

Anonymous said...

You say:

"I would especially caution the Body of Christ on this matter for the day is coming when it will find itself face to face with evil in the form of pure hatred."

Wait, but you wrote that sometimes people claim hatred over things that are merely disagreements.

So what is PURE hatred..physical violence?

I'm saved, sanctified, and filled with the Holy Ghost, but I don't agree on lots of things that people within and outside of the Body say and do. In fact, I hold so-called conservatives to a different standard as they believe that their ideology holds them closer to the cross than liberals.

Does Father Yahweh ever condone hatred, and if so, is that bad? What are the parameters to this sort of righteous indignation? Jihad?

danny wright said...

Hatred IS "often" miss-used by "many".

Perhaps "real" would have been a better word.

Can Father Yahweh do bad?

last question: I'm clueless

Thanks for stopping by.

Penless Thoughts said...

Don't know how I missed this post before. You really hit me with this one. Although I don't use the word "hate" very much because I try to look at my glass 1/2 full, instead of 1/2 empty, this post makes me realize how wrongly I use the word "hate" and especially "love". I need to make some modifications. Thanks for your "iron" sharpening my "iron".

danny wright said...

It's funny you should include the word "love". I think an analysis of one requires an analysis of the other.