Monday, June 28, 2010

John Piper On The Prosperity Gospel


Anonymous said...

Great video, Dan. Those prosperity preachers are the creepiest.

Susan said...

Thank You, Dan, for posting this. As always in our lives God is right on time with everything. I was just touching on this Sunday in small group. This is one of the best presentations I've ever heard on "why not"!!! I'd love to copy this and retain it on my computer but don't know how.

Praying for you :o)

Z said...

Great video, Dan, and such an important message. How anybody could read the Bible and preach prosperity gospel just doesn't make sense. it's such a lie and such a dishonor to God.
(I love your "If Jesus can save me, He can save anybody" always makes me smile!)
(can you send this to Osteen?) heh

Danny Wright said...


I rarely visit Facebook but I did sign up. There is a link on my FB page that leads here. When old high school friends started asking to be my "friend" I decided that I had better put that phrase up. These people knew me when I was a heathen's heathen.